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that a very small chip can put your personal financial information at risk?

RFID Technology - Money Smart Store

As Wikipedia describes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one method for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). These are methods of automatically identifying objects, collecting data about them and entering that data directly into computer systems without human involvement.
An RFID chip is smaller than a grain of rice but it is a powerful device to communicate large quantities of information. This technology that has huge advantages but also brings many challenges in terms of data privacy and sharing.

RFID is now common on many debit/credit cards, licences and ID cards such as the newly introduced e-passports. Contactless payment cards are very convenient, but they are also vulnerable. When paying for items, these contactless payment cards are scanned without the need of typing a pin number.

RFID technology has many positives and has made significant progress in data management but the bad news is that any thief with a cheap card reader can steal enough details to create a counterfeit card that can be successfully used to make unauthorized purchases.

Contactless payment cards and e-passports usually operate at a 13.56 MHz frequency but there are many others that are used in different applications as shown in the table below:

FrequencyRead RangeApplications
125 KHz (Low Frequency)0.5 mAccess control
Animal tracking
Product authentication
Healthcare applications
Car immobilizers
13.56 MHz (High Frequency)1 mContactless payment Cards
Smart Cards
Smart Shelves
Airline baggage handling
865-960 MHz (Ultra High Frequency)3 - 5 mSupply Chain / Logistic and Distribution
Electronic toll connection systems on highway
Pallet / Carton tracking
Returnable container tracking

All our products have
RFID Technology

Our eco friendly wallets, travel card holders, undercover belts, neck security pouches products and credit card protectors have a fine RFID blocking layer mainly made of an aluminium coat which blocks the RFID waves so if any device wants to communicate with your cards’ chips, it won’t be possible and your financial and personal data will be protected. This is a discrete feature that has been embedded in all our wallets and travel accessories so you are covered mainly when you are most vulnerable so you can have peace of mind in any and all situations.