It all started with a dream

a dream and vision to provide products with seamless features to make our customers’ lives easier at a reasonable price whilst being conscious about our impact on the environment and our planet Earth.

Marisa Zappatore
Co-Founder & CEO

Money Smart - Steel Smart - Travel smart brand

Steel Smart, our first brand

That is how our first brand, Steel Smart was born in 2014 where we focused on providing solutions to protect our customers against digital theft through unwanted scanning to retrieve credit or debit cards data as well as ID details for those with an embedded chip. This is why we developed two models of Stainless Steel Wallets for Men and Women in different colours and also a set of RFID blocking sleeves for cards.

Money Smart - Research

We invest in research

We have always remained interested in this area, therefore we investigated and continued researching how we can provide a wider variety of solutions or options that you could use in different situations mainly when you are most vulnerable at such as when you travel.
With Steel Smart success, we realised that our products were excellent presents for loved ones so we have also focused on continuing developing very pretty and unique products that could also be the perfect birthday gifts or for any other special occasion such as Valentines, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s day, etc.

Finally, Money Smart and other brands

This is then how Money Smart was created as a separate brand in order to offer you a wider selection of high quality men’s and women’s wallets and travel accessories so you are protected regardless of what you are doing and where.
Offering this type of contemporary products has also encouraged us to explore other areas of our daily routines and lives where smarter products could be particularly useful. This is how our sister brands, ‘Casa Smart‘ and ‘Bath Smart‘ were born for home and bathroom solutions respectively.

Money Smart - London

London, where it all began

Our headquarters are based in London and we are growing fast and steadily. You can now do online shopping with us in the United Kingdom, the United States and we also ship internationally to the European Union. We love learning from our different customers around the world.
As a last word, even though we have grown in size, we remain small and unique and that works to YOUR advantage. We’re more agile, more responsive, and we care about your needs. Our customers are the life and soul of our business and our everyday tasks and this is again, our promise to you.