Our Commitment to You

Money Smart is a boutique, small medium enterprise committed to creating smart and quality products that help our customers keep their money safe physically but also digitally in the era of financial and personal data theft through electronic scams.
We believe in providing you with better products and an outstanding customer service. Money Smart continuously strives to improve designs and manufacturing techniques through valuable feedback and comments we receive from our customers. Once we launch a new product, our work doesn’t stop there. We are constantly improving functionality and reliability of existing products so we can offer only the best in the market.

You as our customer are the heart of all our decisions, every day, all the time, therefore we are always here for you and we are always happy to engage with our customers.

This is our promise to you and will never change.

Our Commitment
to the Environment

As an eco friendly company, we care about the environment and ensure through screening processes that all steps are taken to make each product and each method as good as it can be for the health of our planet Earth. This materializes in the fact that we focus on producing recyclable or reusable packaging as much as we can.
We use cork fabric for our vegan wallets which is a fantastic sustainable option as an alternative to other mainstream materials such as leather. We are always looking for different fabrics and materials that do not involve any living species or the planet to suffer. Whenever we look at increasing our product range, we adhere to our principles and will only add products that reflect those.
This is also our promise to you and we will go above and beyond to fulfil it.

We do look forward to hearing from you

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