Are you looking for the right ideas and useful tips to surprise a traveling man?

A gift that is both particular, useful and original?

We will tell you which are the most special and unexpected gifts, those that will surely be appreciated and will leave him happily surprised.

When you have to give a gift to someone you are often overwhelmed by the doubt, especially when a ruthless traveler received it, a person with an irreducible and chronic mania to have its suitcase ready under the bed.

Then the question arises spontaneously: which is the perfect gift for a man always with his suitcase in his hand?

What is it that can make him happy?

Let’s see then which are the winning ideas, those that will certainly leave him speechless!

E-book reader

This device is a reader of electronic books also called e-book. E-books are digital book that can be purchased online through websites that market this type of product.

Musical cushion

It is not always easy to sleep away from home. Sometimes it takes time to get used to a new place and especially to a new bed, so why don’t you take your own pillow?
This could be an original and great gift for the traveling man: a musical cushion that accompanies the traveler’s sleep with his favorite songs.

Action camera

For those who love to travel, it is very important to capture the most beautiful moments ever made here and there around the world. In recent years the action camera is depopulated; the most famous is definitely GoPro. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth it and will certainly be a very welcome gift!

Head Massager Idream 1260

After a long flight it is very easy to accuse fatigue and headaches. To recover quickly, there is nothing better than using an eye and head massager. In a moment you re-emerge and come back as new, ready to face a new and exciting day!

Universal Travel Adapter

Across the globe there are so many different types of plugs for power outlets. When you are abroad you may not find the same attack for your device and this could be a big problem. For this reason, giving a universal travel adapter can be a very useful gift as it solves any kind of annoyance associated with any charging equipment.

External hard drive USB

A useful accessory that lets you access your files wherever you are. Portable, allows you to travel frequently for work, having always all the data at your fingertips. They have various price ranges, depending on the size of the Giga.

Travel bag with weekender closet

Traveling especially on short trips such as those that last a weekend, need a bag that should be practical and ordered to hold in a small space all the necessary useful to travelers. The travel bag with weekender closet has an ingenious structure made up of shelves where you can place your garments in an tidy way.

Monopod selfie stick

Nowadays selfies have become a must, especially when you are in a particular place. For this reason selfie sticks with wi-fi were designed and realized. They are equipped with a button that, thanks to the wi-fi, allows you to decide how and when taking your selfies.

Charger Pen

Another gift that could be appreciated is the charger pen, a ballpoint pen that allows to recharge mobile devices. The charger pen also features the role of a micro USB adapter and is even equipped with a stylus pencil for touch screen.

Electronic weighing bag

At the airport it is better not to exceed the weight of luggage as this entails cost increases, even several hundred pounds. The electronic weighing bag is a very useful tool that gives you the ability to weigh your suitcase in advance to avoid this unfortunate inconvenience.

Set of liquid containers

Liquid containers are a useful gift idea as they allow you to carry well sealed liquids without exceeding the permissible limits, particularly in the hand luggage transport. These containers can be used for storing liquids such as lotions, shampoos, bubble baths, beard gel, shower gel, soaps, and more.

Money Belt

The money belt is useful for transporting money on a trip, and is the ideal place to keep them hidden from prying eyes so you can travel more safe and secure.

Water purifier

The water purifier is a filter that cleans the water from contaminated sources. Per coloro che amano fare viaggi estremi in luoghi più selvaggi e dunque si potrebbero trovare oin situazioni di assoluta emergenza, questa invenzione è davvero formidabile, poichè depura l’acqua al 99,99%.

Cellphone solar charger

For the man who love to travel in extreme conditions and with less comforts, a cellphone solar charger serves to power a phone or small device when in an emergency or off the grid.
The folding solar charger can in fact be of vital importance in places where there is no electrical current, so it can be useful to the most daring traveler.

Travel backpack

This gift always makes happy a traveler. There are lots of travel backpacks with good quality and low prices on the market. It’s always a good present and can also be use as luggage for every type of trip: from work trip to short weekend trip to a wildy trip to the jungle!

Anti-thief bag

The anti-thief bag is ideal for those who travel a lot during the day, perhaps turning around the city using public transports. If you look at it from behind it is free of hinges and pockets so the malicious do not know where to put their hands; in this way it is easier to avoid that anything is subtracting from the bag.

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