Design: the status symbol of Nomad Workers

In the era of digital work, the nomad worker has not only been firmly positioned in the market, but he has also found a specific connotation in society.

The identity of the digital worker is no longer related to his type of work but is defined by the lifestyle and working tools that characterize this new professional figure.

The nomad worker is no longer the person that works from home through teleworking activities such as call center or telemarketing. The market of the last decade has allowed the latest generation to reinvent themselves, creating new digital professions and, especially, new professional figures.
The frequent comparison is between dependent and independent work: on one hand the security of the fixed place, on the other the flexibility of self-employment.

Today, there are many jobs that can be performed from home and there are so many people who have chosen this type of work. Flexibility is the new commodity exchange: having more time for yourself and taking advantage of your spare time.
It is in this dichotomy that the nomad worker is born: a professional figure of a new market, especially of the digital one. Over the last few years, nomad workers have grown exponentially so much to create a huge community. And like every community, this also has some very precise features that identify who belongs to it.

Nomad workers no longer work from home, they work from all over the world because they can travel. Computer is their main work tool, but they use a lot of accessories as well.
Cases, computer bags, agendas, notebooks, wallets. Attention to detail is very important, as well as for product design that should not only be beautiful, but functional. Resistant, stylish, minimal, waterproof and environmentally friendly: these are the features of products that can support their ever-moving lifestyle.

Few are the companies that have identified and understood the potential of this influential and constantly growing target. Striking is the example of Apple whose revolutionary design is recognizable all over the world. Thanks to their practicality and functionality, Apple products have become the status symbol of digital nomads. The iOS operating system allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time. This means that the information you save on your iPhone while you are on a business appointment is the same that you will find on your MacBook once you get home. Apple has made the work of digital nomads easier, creating custom-made products. No matter where you are: you just need a good wifi!

Simple design, functionality, ease of use, eco-sustainability and dimensions reduced to a minimum. Products like these, thought and created specifically for this type of user, lower the price wall and generate a community need by creating customer loyalty.
This is the direction towards which the market tends to grow, for an increasingly large and demanding community that created a new way of working and living smartly.

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