Business and Travel: how to organize your time and protect your data

Working and traveling at the same time is possible: you just need self-discipline, wifi and prevention. But what should never be missing in the suitcase of the nomadic digita to be always operational and safe?

Work and travel, two activities that can not always be done at the same time.

There are still many professions that allow you to travel only at certain times of the year, in conjunction with the main holidays.

Different is the case of digital nomads, who can travel and work at the same time because they do not have a fixed place of work with fixed schedules. In fact, the word “nomad” is indicative as it refers to someone who moves whenever he wants.

But working on a journey can not be improvised, in fact, you need organization, self-discipline and the right tools.

First of all, internet: whatever destination you choose, it’s important to have a good wi-fi connection so you can connect anywhere, anytime.

In order to better organize your work days and combine them with tourist activity, it is important to choose carefully the time zone. The more is similar to that of your country, the easier will be working when even your customers work.
This serves to ensure greater availability, especially in case of important deadlines.

Traveling often, it is better to have a backpack, not a suitcase. And to have the essentials always at your fingertips, a money belt allows you to keep your wallet and documents closer with no need to open your bag every time.

Practical and useful: you can wear it around your waist and hide easily under the clothes.

For those who do not like to wear accessories in contact with their skin, travel pouches are a viable alternative. They are extremely functional and lightweight so it is designed to be worn around the neck.

In recent years, IDs, credit and debit cards, university badges and so many other documents are only produced in electronic format.

We have been accustomed to booking everything online and traveling with few cash, but more credit cards, for faster and practical payments worldwide.

The new format of these documents not only makes them extremely sensitive but often requires an adequate wallet that can hold them all, or a card holder to always carry with you.

But how do you safeguard your personal information by avoiding being cloned?

Through accessories equipped with RFID blocking system.

The RFID -Radio Frequency Identification is a system that allows remote data storage of sensitive electronic labels, such as those on our documents. This system, used mainly in logistics, is exploited by fraudsters to illegally copy credit card and identity information.

Money Smart products are all equipped with RFID protection.

Thanks to a shielding material, inserted between the outside of the product and its lining, theft of data is avoided.

In this way, we guarantee the security of the documents and prevent the occurrence of bad unexpected events during your journey.

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