Bali is the new black – The Paradise of Digital Nomads

More and more are the Digital Nomads who move to Indonesia and there are also so many start-ups that reside there.
Bali is no longer just a tourist destination but the right context where to grow projects and meet people who share your same lifestyle.

Bali is an archipelago in Southeast Asia with more than 17,000 islands and in recent years has become the destination of excellence for digital nomads. The prejudice and poor knowledge of the world would lead you to consider Indonesia as a state unable to support “digital” tourism, but you would be wrong.

The reality is that this land has a tremendous potential, so much that it has been able to identify and recognize a phenomenon of great expansion: the digital nomadism.

In Bali, more precisely in Ubud Island, the most famous coworking space in the world has born: Hubud – Hub in Ubud.

It’s cool, great and innovative.

It’s the perfect place to work, surrounded by people like you awaiting to share ideas and experiences.

A stimulating environment where you find yourself surrounded by professionals from all over the world; a place where you can hear stories and bring together collaborations.

But Hubud is not just a co-working, it is also a co-living where co-learning while you are co-giving.

It is defined as “a community that’s leading the global movement of location independence in life + business”.

In its heterogeneous identity, lies the secret of such success: is not just a place but a landmark for all those who have had the courage to choose a different lifestyle than the socially imposed one.

A ground for innovation, fertile for ideas and projects.

A place where life is cheap, the food is healthy and spirituality is an integral part of the lives of everyone.

The perfect place if you need to brainstorm and look for new ideas, surrounded by people who have followed their own desire of freedom and independence.

Enjoy the solitude of solo voyage, but do not underestimate the importance of sharing and take advantage of places like this to meet people willing to tell you their story.

The path of others can be inspirational to yours: travel and let others be your inspiration.

Bali is the place where to make peace with yourself and reallocate with the choices you have made.

Being a nomad worker is not easy and equally difficult was to choose to become a nomad worker.

But you made it!

And even if you had to go against the stream, remember that you did it by listening to yourself and to your needs so it can only be the right choice.

You’re not convinced?

Book a flight to Bali!

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